Your picture printed directly on aluminum.

ChromaLuxe, a high-end photo printing technique that transfers the photo directly on an aluminum plate, has revolutionized the way we can present pictures. Vibrant colors, a high contrast and saturated blacks let your pictures shine. These aluminum prints are suitable for indoors and outdoors, for private use and commerce. The possibilities for interior use are wide-ranging: for kitchen and bath, in clinical environments and at the office, even for decorating booths at a trade show.

ChromaLuxe metal-prints are based on a sublimation-transfer process. Similar to analog photo paper, the dyes are transferred into the surface of the 1.2 mm aluminum plate. Our special dyes and the extremely tough and robust surface of the ChromaLuxe plates offer many advantages:


  • Vibrant colors through wide color gamut and saturation
  • High-grade, homogenous surfaces that are waterproof and scratch-resistant
  • Household cleaner and solvent-resistant
  • Fade-resistant from sun light
  • Suitable for design solutions indoors and outdoors
  • Available in different surfaces: glossy white, matt white, silk white, matt clear, glossy clear
  • Flexible sizes up to 110 cm x 240 cm


Chromaluxe metal prints sublimation-transfer process