Lambda Prints

Laser exposure for highest luminance

Popular in the art world and photography, Lambda-prints impress with their high color-resolution, resulting in detailed and brilliant images. These prints are of premium quality. They are being exposed with a unique laser technology onto analog light-sensitive photo papers. The three RGB lasers – red, green and blue – are combined to form an ultra-fine single beam. This way, we are able to produce pin sharp and screenless images. Artists, photographers, graphic artists and marketing experts who have the highest expectations of the work they produce, rave about Lambda-prints.

For a wide range of uses

The unique effect of Lambda prints can be seen in black & white enlargements and in color prints – both analog and digital. You have the choice between a selection of different paper surfaces, ranging from matt, glossy, flex (supergloss) to metallic. Also, Lambda prints are the perfect choice for advertising campaigns in light boxes. We produce those from transparent slide material in clear or opaque.