From analog to digital.

High-End Scans

On our professional high-resolution scanners, we digitize films ranging from 35 mm to 8x10" up to a resolution of 8500 dpi. Our technology even allows us to scan x-rays and reflective surfaces up to a format of A3+. Additionally, we offer the option to digitally retouch your scans.


We are specialized in the scanning of oversized originals such as paintings, drawings or plans. We scan rigid originals, such as paintings, up to a size of 117 cm x 165 cm (roughly the size of a table). We can manage flexible materials that can be rolled or turned, at even bigger sizes, by scanning them bit by bit and combining them digitally.


Do you need scans for websites, presentations, layouts, photo books, to preserve old slides or negatives? In that case we recommend our affordable low-end scans. These have a file size of 16-18 mb, or around 4 mb in the formats .tiff and jpg.


Our scanners

To digitize your data we work with the following high-end scanners:

  • Imacon Flextight X1

  • Heidelberg Topaz 2 with Silverfast

  • IQsmart

  • Cruse Scanner


In addition to delivering raw scans and basic color correction we also offer digital retouch of your pictures and we print them as follows:

  • Lambda prints on original photo paper

  • Fine-Art prints

  • ChromaLuxe Alu-prints

  • Business-prints

  • Photo-booklet in the format 10 × 13 cm with contact sheet and CD